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QUIQQER ERP module that provides product fields and settings for subscription plans

Would you like to offer your customers a regularly recurring service or subscriptions to digital products? No problem! The QUIQQER Plans module enables the automated creation of contracts from purchased items. Simply define different contract conditions in your products, such as duration, billing interval and cancellation period. After ordering, a contract with regularly recurring payments is automatically created (contract module required).

The QUIQQER Subscription module checks at regular intervals whether the billing agreements for recurring payments with third-party providers such as PayPal or Amazon are still active and payments can be made (cronjob).


  • Provides the product type "Plan Product", which offers all product fields for configuration of automatically created contracts
  • When ordering a plan product, ensures that only payment methods that support recurring payments are displayed in the order process
  • Regularly checks the validity of third-party billing agreements and, if necessary, changes the payment method of contracts (e.g. to invoice)
  • Provides an interface to check if an order contains subscription products

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