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Stock management for your QUIQQER ERP Shop



Manage stock for products and the behaviour for specific stock levels

With the QUIQQER Stock Management module you can comfortably manage the stock of products in your QUIQQER Shop. Automate the adjustments of the stock level of your products and show your customers the availability of items with an easy-to-read stock level display.


  • Automatically (or manually) adjust the stock of your products after orders
  • Automatically restock if orders are cancelled or returned
  • Exclude single products from stock adjustment (e.g. intangible items like coupons or codes)
  • Determine if products can be ordered when out of stock
  • Automatically deactivate products if they are out of stock
  • Determine the point in time when stock is adjusted (after order or after payment)
  • Get notified if a product reaches a certain stock level threshold so you can restock in time
  • Set individual delivery/shipping time and stock level status texts either globally or product specific
  • Display a color-coded stock level status for your customers in the frontend
  • Handle edge-cases where different users simultaneously order the same low-stock product(s)

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GPL-3.0+, PCSG QEL-1.0
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