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QUIQQER - Locations



Location management for QUIQQER.

With QUIQQER Location Management you can manage different locations, such as your own branches, subsidiaries, offices or just points of interest. Locations have a wealth of different properties that can be set individually for each location. With the integration of map providers like Google and, locations can be displayed clearly and searchable on an interactive map.


  • Manage locations with different properties
    • The module already provides the most important features: Detailed description with WYSIWYG editor, address, any number of contact options (phone, mobile, fax, email, website), images and map icon, freely configurable opening hours management, set coordinates on interactive map.
  • The management user interface lists all locations clearly and is freely configurable - you determine which columns (properties) are listed
  • Location properties can be easily extended via a developer interface
  • Display locations on your website on an interactive map
    • Currently supported are maps from Google Maps and; OpenStreetMap is in progress
    • Individual map icon can be set for each location
    • Search locations
    • List locations with address and distance to own location
    • Automatically determine location of website visitors - directly show nearest results in radius
    • Detailed location details by clicking on the location icon - with a link to your own location page
  • Location pages - Own pages for your locations with own URL and all details
    • Individually definable URL via location properties
    • Display of the location on an interactive map

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