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QUIQQER - Payment - Stripe



Use the Stripe payment gateway to accept payments in your QUIQQER Shop for a variety of payment methods like credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Microsoft Pay.

With the QUIQQER Stripe payment module, you enable your customers to pay for orders via credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Microsoft Pay. The processing of the payments takes place via Stripe. Stripe offers modern and secure input and authentication options for all payment methods. These are seamlessly integrated into the ordering process of your QUIQQER Shop and enable your customers to pay quickly and securely.

Your QUIQQER Shop is *not handling sensitive data (such as credit card data). All sensitive data will only be sent to Stripe.


  • Diverse payment options via Stripe
    • Credit card (incl. 3-D Secure)
    • Apple Pay (Safari)
    • Google Pay (Chrome)
    • Microsoft Pay (Edge)
    • more to be implemented soon...
  • One-time payments and recurring payments (for subscriptions)
  • Fully PSD2 and SCA complient
    • Sensitive payment data (e.g. credit card numbers) is handled at Stripe only and is not stored at or sent to the server of your QUIQQER Shop

IMPORTANT: Requires a Stripe seller account! At you can read how to configure your system.

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