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PayPal payment for QUIQQER ERP



Offers the option to pay orders with a PayPal account

With the QUIQQER PayPal payment module, you enable your customers to pay for orders with their PayPal account. Customers simply click on the PayPal button, log in and confirm the payment. Additionally, your customers have the opportunity to review the entire shopping cart in the PayPal popup. The rest works by itself. Once PayPal has collected the money from the customer, it will be transferred to your PayPal seller account and the order will be marked as paid.

Express checkout with PayPal is also available. Optionally offer your customers to place the order directly from the shopping cart - without annoying address entry or the selection of a payment method.


  • Adds the payment method "PayPal" to your QUIQQER Shop
  • Optional Express Checkout with PayPal Express Button in the (mini) shopping cart
  • Configuration options for the appearance and placement of the "PayPal" button

IMPORTANT: Requires an PayPal Seller account! You can read about how to configure everything at

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